Linen Backing

Effective April 15th 2024 we will be permanently closing our online linen backing and restoration services.

We would like to thank all our past customers for their loyalty and trust, it has been a pleasure working with you all these past 15 years!

This closure will not affect services for our local customers or posters from our own inventory that we sell online, at shows or in our gallery.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.



Linen Backing a poster on canvas requires three essential elements; Linen which is marketed as Cotton Duck:, acid free Japanese Lining paper and a Wheat starch solution containing an alkali buffer which when used together provide a stable acid free environment for mounting a poster.

Because the wheat starch is soluble in water the process is fully reversible when soaked in water without causing any irreversible damage to the poster.  Museums and conservationists refer to this process as Archival Mounting.





Step 1. First we stretch the linen to stretcher bars much like an artist would stretch a canvas for a really big painting. We use 12 weight cotton duck canvas.

Step 2.The Lining Paper is mounted to the canvas. Once dry the linen shrinks and forms a tight, wrinkle free surface for mounting the poster.

Step 3. The Poster is then mounted to the Lining paper using the wheat starch glue  and we wait again; this time for 2 or 3 days for everything to dry thoroughly – again shrinkage occurs stretching the fold lines so that they become less visible and don’t spoil the appearance of the poster. CLICK HERE if you have questions about condition.

Step 4. Once dry the poster is removed from the stretcher bars allowing the poster to be handled safely. The poster can be stored rolled or laid flat or we frame the poster to suit the clients tastes and home decor. Any optional restoration is, of course, undertaken before framing. To learn more about our framing services follow link

Step 5 (Optional) Poster Restoration is entirely optional and subject to the tastes and budget of the client, it can be is as basic as lightly retouching the fold lines with some color or as extensive as re-painting the image where portions of the poster are missing. We have categorized restoration into five tiers that are based on the sort of work that needs to be done. Follow the links for examples of TIER 1, TIER 2, TIER 3, TIER 4 and TIER 5 levels of Restoration. To find out more about the sorts of restoration and the cost of this work follow link


Linen backing is first and foremost a stabilization technique and a method to flatten the fold lines, waves and wrinkles on the poster. It preserves the integrity of old and valuable paper and assures the item can be safely handled and displayed. Posters are made from paper and with time paper becomes brittle and torn and often stained from natural acids in the paper pulp and oxidation from the atmosphere. To make matters worse people unknowingly use tape to hold tears together and this tape usually stains the poster as well. When we linen back posters harmful tape is removed and  tears are fixed. If you choose restoration we can replace  missing paper  and remove most stains. If you want to make your poster more aesthetically pleasing  and stabilize or even improve the value of the poster Contact Us!

We are an ALL IN ONE shop, providing Poster Sales, Linen backing, Restoration, Framing services for your collection and decorative needs. Sorry but we only offer framing services for local pickup.


Contact Us with a description of your poster and if possible include a photo or two of your poster. We will respond within a day or two with a price quote and if you decide to proceed just mail the poster to us at the Limited Edition Art & Antiques, 5717 2nd Street, Katy, Texas, 77493.

Once we receive your poster and review the condition we will let you know. If you live in the Houston area you can simply bring the poster to our poster gallery at the Limited Edition, 5717 2nd Street in Katy, Texas 77493.

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks to complete the work, at some times in the year the turnaround may be longer depending on the work load. Once complete we will send you a photo of your linen backed poster and an invoice for you to pay. You can pay with online with Paypal or call the shop with your credit card details. As soon as we receive payment for the work plus packaging and shipping we will mail the poster to you in a sturdy tube.


There are so many sizes and styles of posters its really best for you to contact us for a quote but we have provided a guide above. Please keep in mind that these prices do not include additional services such as tape removal, fold line retouching, paper fill, stain removal etc.


Linen Backing and Restoration Invoices for customer posters that are unpaid after six months will be considered abandoned unless a written notice requesting more time to pay is communicated to us.


We charge $165 for a 1-sheet poster (27″ x 41″) like the one illustrated below.