Poster Restoration


Poster restoration is OPTIONAL and entirely dependent on your tastes and budget. Some collectors prefer no restoration at all while others defend in the preservation techniques to keep history well kept and protected against the decays of time. Or you may not care and simply want a poster linen backed so it shows well in your Man-Cave or Game Room! Contact Us if you have any questions.

Most posters that we linen back  require little to no restoration and fall into Tier 1 or Tier 2 category (see table below) but for those people considering going the extra mile to save a piece here is a guide to help you get in the ball park. Please understand that this is only a guide and the best way to get a firm quote  is to contact us at, we will try and respond within 48 hours. If you are in the Houston, Texas area you can call our poster gallery at the Limited Edition number 281-391-1993 to make an appointment. Keep in mind that the price estimates below are for a standard US 1 sheet – prices with be higher for a larger poster and less for a smaller size.


                                     An example of a Tier 4 restoration

To see some more examples of OUR INVENTORY or our work  click on any of the following links: Soviet Poster; Hippie poster, Alfred Hitchcock Poster, Horror Movie Poster. or visit our Customer Testimonials Page by.

The Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Art and Antiques opened in 1994 in Old Town Katy, Texas and features an eclectic variety of antiques, ephemera and original folk art created by the proprietor Elizabeth Proctor.

We specialize in the sales, linen backing, restoration and framing of vintage posters, Looking for an original poster for your media or game room? Come by and see our new 1250 sq.ft poster gallery and choose a poster from over 2000 titles!
"About Limited Edition"
P: 281-391-1993
Location: 5717 Second Street Katy, TX
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