Restoration Examples Tier 1

Magnum Force BAFor contemporary posters and those printed on satin or glossy posters, linen backing is an essential step to improving the overall appearance of the poster and we would argue compulsory if you intend to hang the poster or place it in a frame. The shiny surface of these posters pictured above plays havoc with the light from almost any angle, but once backed on linen these foldlines flatten out and almost disappear.Pale Rider BA Exorcist BA


The three examples shown here: Magnum Force, Pale Rider and the Exorcist show the viewer the kinds of change you should expect to see if you buy a poster in above C8 condition and have our conservation studio linen back it. With just a little retouching to the fold linesand perhaps minor repairs to nicks, small tears and pinholes these are examples of Tier 1 restoration.

For more information on what Linen backing is <Click Here>.