Movie Poster Sizes

Common US Movie Posters Sizes are; 1 sheets, Half sheets, inserts and 3 sheets. Find here a list that covers Italian, French, English, Australian, Japanese and more!

Common Movie Poster Sizes

1 Sheet: The most commonly found poster size usually measuring 27 by 41 inches though on newer posters the size was reduced to 27 by 40 inches.

Half-Sheet: The half sheet was phased out around 1984 and usually measures 22 by 28 inches and were made from heavier stock paper.

Insert; Like the half sheet the insert was also phased out in the mid-80’s. These movie posters were also usually made from heavy stock paper measuring 14 by 36 inches.

2 Sheet: These posters were usually made from the thicker stock paper and are 40 by 60 inches. Generally harder to come by.

3 Sheet: As large as we deal with; these posters need a large wall as they measure 41 by 81 inches – want to create a statement then these are the way to go!


Here is a table showing the sizes of both US and International posters most commonly encountered relative to each other. If you want to know the costs for linen backing any of these, contact us.