Water Damage Paper Restoration on World War 1 Posters from Hurricane Harvey

Flooded homes, ruined businesses, hearts broken, Harvey. We were told the water came in 18 inches in twelve minutes. It rushed in as the railroad tracks that served as a damn crested and the water surged towards the Limited Edition Arts and Antiques which houses OriginalVintageMoviePosters.com. It rushed out as quickly as the tracks gave away and the flood water resided leaving our gallery devastated. Water damage and World War 1 (WW1) posters do not mix. Somehow the community came to our rescue with boxes, paper, knife cutters and elbow grease! They moved and wrapped all the antiques and collectibles to the back of the poster gallery. Ripping out carpet and sheetrock all to be massed in front of the gallery where it would fester for 5 weeks before it was picked up. There must have been 30 volunteers who came to help, many of them we didn’t know, many were friends, family and faithful conservationists. We saved what we could. Many items with a long past and rich history, lost, read more

Linen Backing: Frequently Asked Questions: Should I Linen Back my Poster or Not?

Should I Linen Back my Poster or Not? We get this question a lot by our customers and we always ask them what they are buying the posters for; to hang and display them or to file them away in a collection? Since it’s obvious even to a serious collector that a linen backed poster looks better than a folded one the choice must be based on other factors which we discuss here. Who buys Posters? There are really four groups of people who buy posters. Group 1. The largest group are th
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Star Wars Triple Billing Restoration Project

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://originalvintagemovieposters.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Star-Wars-Triple-Billing.mp4"][/video]
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How to Remove a Poster from Foam Board

Do you want your poster removed from foam board/core? Click here to request this service.   Traditional frame shops often use foam board to mount posters in order to flatten the fold lines and and make the poster ready for framing. While this approach does a fine job of flattening the poster the glues that are used are permanent in nature meaning that reversing the poster is all but impossible or at the very least cost prohibitive, In addition there is a significant probability that the
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Movie Poster Values On the Rise: The Star Wars “Triple Bill” is a Case-In-Point

  Movie Poster Values On the Rise: The Star Wars “Triple Bill” is a Case-In-Point Authors: Jacob Proctor, Harry Proctor & Elizabeth  Proctor Summary The recent purchase of the most expensive Star Wars movie poster recorded on the internet, the “Triple Bill”, purchased by South Carolina restaurant owner Bobby Simons for $20,500, inspired a closer look at Star Wars poster sales in general and to see if this is in fact the “case-in-point” for observed poster sale pric
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Linen Backing an Autographed Movie Poster.

Linen Backing an Autographed Movie Poster. Author: Harry Proctor We often get asked if its possible and safe to linen backing a poster that has been autographed. In general linen backing a movie poster which has been signed requires more diligence as some inks that are used may be water soluble. Although the poster does not get wet during linen backing at our conservation studio, it does get damp and we use sponges to work out the air pockets during mounting. We always perform a quick che
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Poster Shop Houston Texas

Poster shop, Limited Edition art & antique was founded in 1994 and is located in Houston Texas. The movie poster specializing gallery is owned and operated by Elizabeth and Harry Proctor. The Proctor's, along with owning a diverse array of period antiques, have an extensive paper conservation and restoration studio for all old vintage paper ranging from maps, WW1 propaganda, circus, magic and of course, movie posters. This blog is focused on giving you a brief tour of our poster shop located
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Ebook – Linen Backing and Restoration of Vintage Posters: The Foundation

Any kind of poster collecting and specifically movie poster collecting can be looked at as a wonderful way to decorate your home, a way to collect a subject of your choosing or as an investment and a place to put your money outside of the stock market. Either way, posters are rare and collectible and there are a limited number that dwindles every day; but more importantly, they are aesthetic, beautiful and valuable! Metropolis sold in 2012 for $1.2 million, in 2009 a 1931 Dracula sold for $3
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Restoration Tier 5, WW1 US Propaganda Poster

Restoration Tier 5, WW1 US Propaganda Poster WE NEED YOU, ca 1908. This poster was printed during the first world war and was designed by Albert Steiner, an American artist famous for this type of drypoint engraving. He was born in 1863 in England and died in 1946 in New York where he lived most of his life. This allegorical work, depicting a nurse desperately trying to help a wounded patient hardly need the words "We Need You" to convey the need for new recruits to tend all the wounded.
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Restoration Tier 4, Soviet Propaganda Poster

Tier 4, Restoration of a Soviet Propaganda Poster  Soviet Propaganda Poster, ca 1950. In this example of a very rare 1950's era Soviet propaganda poster we faced numerous tears, missing paper, scratches; you name it we had it! Never one to back down from a challenge we gave it a shot and were pretty happy with the results. Sure this will never be an investment quality poster but for those liking the bold Communist era artwork this will surely satisfy. An example of a Tier 4 restoration.
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