Poster search & other services

WE BUY POSTERS  AND COLLECTIONS! so if you can’t be bothered with Ebay or Craigslist or hate auctioneers premiums give us a call or Contact Us telling us  of what you have and what you want for them. Don’t worry about the condition – if we can’t restore it we can use the posters for donor paper!

Don’t see the poster you are looking for, no worries you are not alone! We have dozens of clients that have left us their wish list and we’ll do the grunt work for you. We will try hard to look for your favorite movie, actor, genre or subject matter in your price range;  just  Contact Us and let us know. Please understand though that this is not like walking into a store and buying something off the shelf, posters are hard to find especially in a given price range while others are just scarce or in poor condition requiring restoration.

In addition to poster restoration we also offer fine art restoration, cleaning and re-varnishing of oil paintings, canvas repair and print and engraving stain removal services. In the near future we will be adding gilding and frame restoration as well.

For customers in the Houston, Texas area we also provide framing services for posters and prints.