Movie Poster Authentication

General Movie Poster Authentication Information & tips:

  • What is an original Movie poster size? : Before 1985 most collector’s will agree that the majority of authentic movie posters were measured 27″ x 41″ inches. Sometime after this there was a transition in the poster industry to cut off the borders and reduce the size to 27″ x 40″ . By 1989 almost all movie posters were being made to 27″ / 40″ .
  • Is a rolled movie poster a fake/forgery/bootleg? : During the transition to 27 / 40″ many movie posters were rolled. They were in fact rolled before this time, but were considerably more rare. Why were old movie posters rolled? : There will always be a bit of speculation about the specific poster in question; but it typically happens because the poster never left the printers and were distributed to movie theaters.
  • Is a 24″ / 36″ movie poster a fake/forgery/bootleg? : This is a standard size for a VIDEO RELEASE poster of a film. These posters except for a few examples are almost always worthless.

Famous Fakes and Forgeries and How to authenticate them:

  GOONIES     PULP FICTION            Empire Strikes  Revenge
  "map style"                            "Back "GWTW"   Of The Jedi

AuthenticationAuthenticationAuthenticationStar Wars Teaser

Blade Runner   Spiderman                  Star Wars      Star Wars
             "Twin Towers"            Teaser style B  "Circus" Style DStyle C Authentication
Chaykin AuthenticationAuthenticationStyle A Authentication
Night of the  Star Wars                   Star Wars     Star Wars 
 Living Dead   Style A                  Howard Chaykin Int'l Style C