ABBOTT & COSTELLO, Une affiche de film originale

This poster was likely used as a “template” poster to announce a variety of Abbott and Costello movies since there is a large banner at the base of the poster to write in the film titles. Several holes and a very tattered margin together with numerous deep creases meant this linen backing job fell into our Tier 3 – Tier 4 Category. Additionally, a common problem with older posters is browning of the paper resulting from acids in the paper; in some cases this can be neutralised by bathing the poster in a controlled alkali solution, however, this poster was too fragile to handle and was instead subjected to a “misting” following linen backing.  For more details on out restoration guide CLICK HERE. For other customers jobs please visit our CUSTOMER PAGE.


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The Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Art and Antiques was established in 1994 in Historic Downtown Katy, Texas and features an eclectic variety of antiques, ephemera and original folk art created by the proprietor Elizabeth Proctor.

We specialize in the sales, linen backing, restoration and framing of vintage posters, We purchase collections and offer consignment services for your collections.

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