ARMY OF DARKNESS, Bruce Campbell Sam Raimi Original Movie Poster

ARMY OF DARKNESS, 1992. DS rolled Original 1 sheet Vintage Movie Poster, Starring Bruce Campbell and director Sam Raimi. This is the sequel to the Evil Dead films that were true horror classics. However, Army of Darkness is more a spoof of those previous horror films. Set in the Dark Ages in the 1300s, Sorcerers, the Undead, Necronomicon and non-stop outlandish one liners: “Yo, she-bitch! Let’s go!”, “Gimme some sugar, baby.” and they go on and on. Take a look at my boomstick you damned Undead!

Condition C9. Sold For $175

Sorry this poster is sold. We have acquired another poster like this that we have not yet posted to the website! Please write for details <click here!>