BARBARELLA, Jane Fonda Original US 1 Sheet Movie Theater Poster

Barbarella 2081BARBARELLA, 1968. Original 1 Sheet (27/41″) Vintage Movie Poster starring Jane Fonda and director Roger Vadim. Set in the 41st century and is a Dino De Laurentiis production based on the popular French comic strip. Written by alfiehitchie. A psychedelic Sci-fi, porn parody this film was clearly stimulated by the creativity of the 60s.

This poster is in good to very good condition but has a water tide stain on the bottom margin. This can be cleaned during the linen backing process and will enhance the condition grading. There is slight fading along the fold lines and there are a few scratches on the upper section of the poster. None of these flaws cannot be repaired and so this is a good candidate for the linen backing process.

Condition C7. For Sale $350

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