BATMAN, Original Adam West French Grande 1p Movie Cinema Poster Affiche

BatmanBATMAN ,1966, Original vintage Adam West French Grande/1p (47 x 63″) movie cinema poster affiche for sale starring Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin, Lee Meriwether, director Leslie Martinson writers Lorenzo Semple Jr. and  Bob Kane. This made for the cinema movie based on the TV series starring Adam West also, has aged well as a poster, but not so much as a movie. Either way, it has certainly earned a cult status over the years with the many one-liners (“Kblam”, “Pow”, and on and on) costumes and this vintage cinema look about the poster. It is certainly a hard to find French grande or also known as french 1p affiche and unarguably a rare poster in anyone’s book. But be prepared, this affiche is grande! You will need plenty of wall space for this original French cinema poster.

The vintage French Adam West grande/1p cinema poster (affiche) is in fine to near mint original condition and shows only minor imperfections mostly focused on the margins. These include; some very light wear on the bottom margin and a scratch on the bottom left corner which stretches ab0ut 10 inchs. This can be easily fixed with some light restoration following the linen backing process.

Condition is C8-9. SOLD for $1,050 Linen Backed

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