BRIDE AND THE BEAST, Original Sci-FI Antique 1 sheet Movie Cinema Poster

Bride & SThe BeastTHE BRIDE AND THE BEAST, 1958.  Original Sci-fi antique 1 Sheet (27/41″) movie cinema poster for sale starring; Charlotte Austin, Lance Fuller, Johnny Roth, director/writer Adrian Weiss and co-writer Edward D. Wood Jr.. Also known as “Queen of the Gorillas”, this fantastic King Kong look a like antique poster is very reminiscent of the age old sci-fi poster artwork seen by the famous ape we have been seeing on the silver screen since 1933. This film featured in cinemas in the 50’s is not known for having a rich plot line or with great character development; but the poster artwork is what makes this poster sought after.  Edward D. Wood Jr. is a second non trivial reason why this poster is rare, he was responsible for famous films like “Plan 9 from Outer Space” and “Glen or Glend”.

This original antique sci-fi movie cinema poster is in near mint condition and shows no major defects and only two minor ones. There is one pin hole size hole at the top center cross fold and there was a slight mis fold at one time in its history. The poster would be flawless following linen backing and is in investment grade condition.

Condition C9. For Sale $795

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