CREDIT NATIONAL, Original French WW1 Reconstruction Poster by Rene Lelong

CREDIT NATIONAL, 1918. Original WW1 French Reconstruction poster  (32 x 45”), (103 x 145 cm) originally rolled and now linen backed. After World War I, France prepared to rebuild the country following the devastation and destruction it underwent during the war. In order to do this the government and banks entered into a campaign to encourage it’s population and institutions to invest in bonds much like the US did with Liberty Bond and Savings Stamps campaigns during the war effort. The designs used for this effort are among the most beautiful and emotional produced during and immediately following the war. This poster advertises a Reconstruction Bond, and features Marianne, France’s allegorical and patriotic symbol helping to agricultural workers to rebuild her country in a sunny new day while a teacher helps a child to learn her alphabet. “Souscrivez pour la reconstitution des regions devestees”

Artist: Rene Lelong (1871-1938)

Exceptional condition for its age with no significant restoration. A stunning example of one of the finest images

Condition C9 – Sold $825 Linen Backed

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