DEMENTIA 13, Original Vintage Australian Daybill Movie Poster For Sale

DEMENTIA 13 2705Dementia 131961. Original Vintage Australian Daybill Movie Poster starring William Campbell and Luana Anders and directed by Francis Ford Coppola and Roger Corman.

This black and white was the director Coppola’s very first movie and was extremely risque for the time period. This would be a GREAT horror poster to add to any Horror, Science Fiction or Coppola collector’s collection. It will likely see growth in value as this is to rare and to cool.  “makes psycho look like a Sunday school picnic!”

Superb artwork on this Daybill and in near mint condition. There is only one minor imperfection on the bottom left margin. There is slight wrinkling along the edge.

Condition C9. Sold for $250

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