EYES OF TEXAS, Original Vintage Roy Rogers Linen Backed One Sheet Movie Poster

EYES OF TEXAS, 1948. Original One Sheet (27 x 41”), (89 x 125 cm) originally folded and now linen backed movie poster starring Roy Rogers, Lynne Roberts, and Andy Devine. Directed by William Witney and screenplay by Sloan Nibley. Eyes of Texas is a unique and complex story about a good man being swindled out of his land. What truly makes this movie interesting is that the villain is a female character. Conveniently, she dies before our hero, U.S. Marshall, Roy Rogers has to rough her up.

THE  EYES OF TEXAS also happens to be the popular song sung at Longhorn games at the University of Texas and is the Alma Mater of the University of Texas.

Prior to linen backing this poster was in very good condition with pinholes in each corner and slight cross fold separation.

Condition C8 – Sold $475 Linen Backed

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