FRIDAY THE 13TH, Original International 1 sheet Movie Theater Poster

Friday the 13th 2742FRIDAY THE 13TH, 1980. Original international 1 Sheet (27 x 41″) movie theater poster starring Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Jeannine Taylor, Kevin Bacon, writer Victor Miller and writer/director Sean Cunningham. ” A 24 hour nightmare of terror!” A true contemporary horror movie theater classic! This original poster and the Halloween poster are some of the best original teenage slasher films! To see the figure of Jason in the poster wielding a bloodied knife, the US Friday the 13th 1 sheet, is the poster to feast your eyes on.

This wonderful international (int’l) 1 sheet movie theater poster is in fine condition. The vertical fold line was misfolded some time int he past and shows minor wear as a result. The bottom middle and upper horizontal fold line shows minor wear and 2 pin point size separations at the cross folds. The rest of the poster is in virtually mint condition!

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Condition is C8. Price $275

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