GODFATHER, Original Al Pacino 1 sheet Mafia Movie Poster For Sale

Godfather 2740GODFATHER, 1972. Original 1 Sheet (27″ x 41″) Movie Poster for sale starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall and director Francis Ford Coppola. This fantastic Al Pacino film quickly became the movie of choice for mafia fans. This original Movie poster is simplistic with regards to artwork, but it is effective and extremely appealing!

This Original Mafia style poster would look fantastic next to SCARFACE, also starring Al Pacino. Follow the link and see for yourself!

This Original Mafia movie poster for sale does has some minor imperfections that can all be corrected after linen backing and restoration. The imperfections are as follows: minor water damage on the upper and lower margins, some wear along the cross folds and fold lines and some blemishes scattered throughout the black image.

Condition C6-7 Sold for $225

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