How to value movie posters

Value is one important aspect in learning how to collect movie posters. Using auction sale prices in the public domain, we are now offering a service to help those collectors wanting a historical perspective in determining how much to pay for an original movie poster. Prices fluctuate with time depending on the economy, rarity, condition and title popularity. Posters have seen a recent decline in value that mirrors the economic decline over the last couple of years so now is a good time to build your collection or buy that favorite poster for your media or game room.

Over time some posters see a steady climb in their value making them a safe investment. Usually these posters are those that are rare or are achieving cult status, the original Mad Max and Friday the 13th movies are good examples of posters that have appreciated over time as we illustrate here in these two graphs. Two lines are displayed based on the condition of the poster. The red line is based on Collector Quality Grade and the green line on Investment Quality Grade. To understand how a poster fits in either category you can look at this link where we unravel the classification of posters. Remember this is only a guide and emotions play a large role in value too!

Friday the 13th shows a lot of overlap in value between the two grades as buyers have either paid a premium for a collector condition or conversely bought an investor quality poster for a steal! Mad Max is less erratic as collectors consistently pay more for investor quality posters. Mad Max in contrast to Friday the 13th appears to have a more established value trend as values show less scatter on the graph.

If you have one or two titles you would like us to evaluate please contact us with the title and we will generate this graph for you, assuming we can find enough data to make the graph statistically valid! If you have more than two choices there will be a charge $4.00 per poster or 10 posters for $25. There will be no charge for a title we can’t find any information on.


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