20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, 1955. An Original Set of 4 rolled door panels (20″ x 60″) for the 1960’s re-release of this classic tale by Jules Verne. Door Panels are special promotional posters used to create extra pizzazz for the release of a movie and were usually used on entrance doors of a theater. At the base of these posters there is a space for adding a snipe or venue information for the release date time and location. These posters are rare and hardly ever show up in auction especially as a full set. They are all in excellent condition with only a couple of minor tears and offered for sale at $750 or linen backed for $1000.

To see a larger image of each panel please CLICK HERE for DOOR PANEL 1 DOOR PANEL 2 DOOR PANEL 3 DOOR PANEL 4

Set For Sale $175 each. Panel 1 and Panel 4 are now sold.

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