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Linen Backing Posters gives them a new lease on life and will help preserve the poster in an acid free setting for a generation. We use archival techniques that are fully reversible and apply restoration and in-painting only when requested or desirable to enhance the appearance of the artwork. For more information on linen backingĀ  CLICK HERE and to join our blog on Linen Backing and other related poster subjects CLICK HERE


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The Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Art and Antiques was established in 1994 in Historic Downtown Katy, Texas and features an eclectic variety of antiques, ephemera and original folk art created by the proprietor Elizabeth Proctor.

We specialize in the sales, linen backing, restoration and framing of vintage posters, We purchase collections and offer consignment services for your collections.

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Gallery Phone: 281-391-1993
EMail: [email protected]
Location: 5717 Second Street Katy, TX. 77493
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