ONE HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIANS, Original Walt Disney Insert Film Poster

ONE HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIANS, 1961. Original Insert (14” x 36” / 46 x 118 cm) folded movie poster of Disney’s animated classic children’s story by Dodie Smith in beautiful technicolor. In this story, the composer and his wife own two adult Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita. Perdita has a litter of fifteen spotted dalmatian pups, which Cruella De Vil demands to be sold to her. The owners refuse this sale and show her out, but Cruella arranges for the pups to be stolen later in the night by two handy-men. Immediately, Pongo alerts all the dogs in the neighborhood to help rescue the pups. It is found out that Cruella had been rounding up every Dalmatian she could find – a malicious plan to make one big fur coat out of the puppy’s pelts. The dogs rescue the original 15 pups, along with the additional 86 others stolen by Ms. DeVil and make an eventful escape home to safety.

This poster is still lightly folded and retains nice bright colors free of stains and tears. There is some slight color loss to the fold lines. We can linen back and retouch any missing color on this poster for an additional $60 upon request or by adding the service to your shopping cart below. We linen back posters in house, please allow one to two weeks for this service to be completed.  For more information on linen backing please click here

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Condition C7. For Sale $335 Linen Backed

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