SANTO VS. LA MAFIA DEL VICIO, Original Mexican Wrestling Poster

Santo vs Mafia 1577LBSANTO VS. LA MAFIA DEL VICIO, 1970. (Santo versus the Mafia Vice) Original Mexican (27 x 37” / 88 x 121 cm) folded Movie Wrestling Poster starring Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta as Santo and directed by Federico Curiel. Produced midway during his long career this film has the wrestler fighting a terrorist mob in Mexico

As with all Mexican posters we strongly recommend linen backing as the paper used for these poster especially for those dating from the sixties or earlier is thin and prone to tearing and must be de-acidified for long term preservation.  

This poster is in good condition and printed on good paper.

Condition C8. Sold for $205 Linen Backed

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Santo vs. the mafia