THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, Original Style A 1 sheet Movie Theater Poster For Sale

The Ten CommandmentsTHE TEN COMMANDMENTS, 1956. Original Style-A 1 Sheet (27″41″) movie theater poster for sale and starring; Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter, Vincent Price, director Cecil B. DeMille and writers Dorothy Clarke Wilson (author of the Prince of Egypt, 1949) and  J.H. Ingraham author of the book Pillar of Fire, 1859. Surprisingly this film only won one Oscar for special effects despite its epic plot line and massive budget of 13 million dollars.

The story is based on the Bible and that of Moses set in ancient Egypt in the Nile river delta. Filmed on location in Abu Rudeis, Egypt. Charlton Heston was chosen due to his apparent resemblance with the statue of Moses by Michelangelo.

This particular 1 sheet for The Ten Commandments is in good condition but did have some major defects prior to its restoration. There was a large tear on the top that can be seen in the photo, there was also some missing paper along the margins which is clearly visible. There was also wear along the fold lines with exaggerated wear along the cross folds. Closely inspect the photo prior to purchasing as all defects are clearly visible. despite these issues, the poster will look wonderful framed because most of the damage never affected the artwork.

Condition is C5-6. For Sale Linen Backed $595.

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