THE VIKINGS, Original Norwegian Vintage Action Adventure Movie Theater Poster

VikingsTHE VIKINGS, 1958. Original vintage action adventure 1 sheet (27 x 41″) movie theater poster set in Norway for sale and starring, Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine director Richard Fleischer and screenplay by Calder Willingham. Winner of a Laurel and a Zuluetta award it also was nominated for one other. It is a epic battle of two Norwegian viking brothers (Einar and Eric) whose identity is remained hidden to each other throughout. Both in pursuit of a Northumbrian damsel in distress. A very cool poster from the 50s and a cool vintage classic for viking lovers! Vikingarna!!!

This original classic and vintage movie poster featuring vikings is in very fine condition. The poster is mint aside from one minor imperfection which can be seen below the credits as a dirtied streak

Condition C8. For Sale $395

Sold $375 Linen Backed

Sorry this poster has been sold but we have another not yet uploaded to the website. Please  <Contact Us> for pricing and details.