Why Linen Back a Movie Poster?

Why Linen Back a Movie Poster?

Original theatrical movie posters have at some point in cinema history became collectible. Not just a little, but highly collectible! We can see this with many recent sales (“From Earth to the Moon” $450,000, “Metropolis” $1,000,000, “42nd Street” $42,000). At some point along the way, Original movie posters left the realm of reasonable price and soared, from earth to the moon.

Where does this leave us, the average or above average consumer with a strong desire to own beautiful pieces of history, beautiful pieces of art?

It leaves us wondering why our gorgeous “Mysterians” poster is only worth $300, or why our “Destination 60,000” poster is barely worth $200. Poster price values are an almost mind boggling subject since, as this author has noted, more often than not the value of a poster may have nothing to do with the graphics on the original theatrical movie poster at all! A poster’s value can spike because of a release of the movie in theaters, or the times change and a new generation loves a new style. Historically the super mega valuable posters ($25,000 +) got to this point because of a few key factors, 1. Historical context (WW1 or the great depression). 2. A generation’s love and ability to identify (Star Wars). 3. Age (Metropolis). 4. Rarity (Varney the Vampire), and finally. 5. Graphics and content (War of the Worlds). If any given poster contains all 5 categories it has the strong potential of going in this direction.

Today, people preserve, invest and display posters like these, but more commonly ones that are less than a $1,000 by linen backing them. At the Limited Edition Gallery, we do restoration and linen backing of your original theatrical movie posters. We have a uniquely developed process that will rejuvenate the color in faded paper (movie poster restoration), it will lift the dirt and grime deposited by iron and age, it will patch holes and close up tears, but most importantly, it will preserve the integrity and life of your original movie poster and allow you to display it on your walls for till the end of time. Please email us http://originalvintagemovieposters.com/our-services/linen-backing/ using the request a quote or by sending an email to [email protected].

– Jacob

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The Limited Edition Art and Antiques was established in 1994 in Historic Downtown Katy, Texas and features an eclectic variety of antiques, ephemera and original folk art created by the proprietor Elizabeth Proctor.

We specialize in the sales, linen backing, restoration and framing of vintage posters, We purchase collections and offer consignment services for your collections.

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