ALIENS, Original James Cameron Rolled Theatrical Advance Movie Poster

ALIENS, 1986. Original 1 Sheet (27 x 40”) (89 x 131 cms) rolled Advance Movie Poster starring Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, and Carrie Henn. Written and directed by James Cameron, and story by David Giler. “There Are Some Places In The Universe You Don’t Go Alone.” “This Time It’s War” Ellen Ripley awakes from hypersleep, and is back in the sequel to the 1979 film “Alien“. Ripley is taken back to the planet LV-426 where she has been called in to investigate why communications with the colonial settlement have suddenly stopped. Her predictions of disaster are confirmed when they find that the colony has become infested with the parasitic Xenomorphs that decimated her previous crew during her mission 57 years prior.  This is a fantastic movie that is arguably one of the few movies that is as good as, or better than, the first one!

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This rolled poster is in near mint original C9 condition with no flaws of any significance to be mentioned. Linen Backing is available for an additional $80 upon request or by adding the service to your cart below. This would produce a flat, backed poster that’s ready to display!  We linen back and frame all of our posters IN HOUSE at our studio in Katy, TX!

Condition C9 – Sold $325 Rolled

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