ANATOMY OF A MURDER, Original Movie Poster, Otto Preminger

Anatomy of a murder LBAnatomy of a Murder, 1959 . Original US 1 Sheet (27″/41″) movie poster  starring James Stewart, Lee Remick, Ben Gazzara and George C. Scott in Otto Preminger’s convoluted and brilliant crime drama – perhaps the best courtroom drama ever brought to the screen. This rare poster designed by Saul Bass’s (1920-1996) with his signature appearing in the mid center right position has been mounted on linen and is ready for framing. Priced well below average auction price.

This poster is one of several posters we have recently acquired from the Roxy Theater Discovery in Clarkfield, MN. We acquired these posters from a Gentleman who was working with the  City Public Works Department. The county had him and other workers tear down the theater and in the process several posters were discovered in a dumpster! The story of the theater is that it closed in 1967 and since the 60s the theater went into disrepair and eventually went back to the county for taxes. The county not realizing what they had, threw the posters in a dumpster, where this movie poster hero promptly recovered them.

The poster has been linen backed and painstakingly restored by our conservationist Harry Proctor. For a in depth look at this posters transformation <Click Here>; but in short, there are two areas of staining; one in the upper central area near Otto Preminger’s name and another below in the central area near the right side of the actors names. These stains have been retouched and the poster is a very nice piece of modern art that will look wonderful for minimalist fashion enthusiasts!

Sold Linen Backed For $2000 

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