BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS, Original Vintage Sci-Fi Insert Movie Poster

BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS, 1957. Original Insert (14” x 36” / 46 x 118 cm) folded movie poster starring John Agar, Joyce Meadows, and Robert Fuller. Directed by Nathan Hertz and produced by Jacques Marquette. “Diabolical Power! … that made him the most feared man in the universe!” “Science Fiction’s astounding story of an evil space-brain that invaded a human body!” Gor, and evil alien from the planet Arous, takes over the brain of scientist, Steve March(John Agar) with the intent of taking over the world. A good alien from Arous, Vol, takes over Steve’s dog’s brain in hopes of thwarting Gor’s evil plot of world domination.

This folded poster is in very good C8 condition with very bright colors and no damage or stains, although the fold lines are still faintly visible. There are pin holes along the top and bottom edges of the poster, as well as a strip of archival tape near the bottom of the left edge of the poster. Linen Backing is available for this poster for an additional $60

Condition C8. Sold $375 Folded

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