DADDY-O, Original Vintage Half sheet Movie Theater Poster For Sale

Daddy oDADDY-O, 1958. Original vintage half sheet (22″ x 28″) movie theater poster for sale starring Dick Contino, Sandra Giles and director Lou Place.”Meet the Beat, daring to live….daring to Love!” This is a Rock n’ Roll era original vintage movie poster with platinum blondes and drag racing! To see an original 1 sheet for sale follow the link. This cool poster has saxophones, trumpets, clarinets, drums and cool swing dancing.

This original half sheet movie theater poster is in good condition, there is however some defects; the upper left margin has been wrinkled, the left margin has a tear in it, but does not have any missing paper, the right and bottom margins are fine. The image is very nice though does exhibit a little fading.

Condition C6 For Sale $195

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