DELIVERENCE, Original and Rare Burt Reynolds Movie Poster

DELIVERENCE, 1972. Original vintage 1 sheet (27 x 41″) movie theater poster for sale starring Burt Reynolds and John Voigt. Directed by John Boorman this seemingly normal canoeing pleasure trip up the Cahulawassee River in Georgia turns into a bloody nightmare when the friends encounter some less than savory back-wood rednecks. A memorable film made popular by the dueling Banjo musical score. “What did happen on the Cahulawassee River?”

This version of the movie poster sometimes known as the “Art Style” is extremely scarce and hard to find. Prior to linen backing there was a paper snipe attached with tape to the front of the poster along the lower fold line. Some restoration has been made to image where the tape was. The poster otherwise is in very fine condition with no stains or tears and a great opportunity to acquire this version of the poster well under it’s normal selling price!

Condition C7 – Sold $1200 Linen Backed

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