EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, Original US Insert Movie Theater Poster For Sale and Authentication Tips

Empire Strikes Back InsertTHE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, 1979. Original rolled NSS Int’l rolled Insert (14″ x 36″) Style A Gone With The Wind style GWTW movie theater poster for sale and starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, director Irvin Kershner and producer George Lucas. The second movie made in the Star Wars franchise is Episode V (5). This Style A is also known as the “GWTW” version because of Han and Leia’s romantic pose very similar to the Gone With the Wind poster; the epic pose between Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. This beautiful artwork was done by Roger Kastel and there are two original versions of this poster, there is this version the international Int’l and the US release. The difference can be seen in the below photo highlighted by the red arrow. Note the lack of ratings box in this int’l version. everything else is identical regarding the artwork credits, sizing etc.  Typically, movie posters made in the USA for international audiences are more rare when they exhibit the same artwork like this one.

These insert posters are very uncommon and are highly reproduced. Buyer beware there are literally thousands of fakes floating around on the internet.


Empire Strikes Back Insert

Authentication Tips:

This insert is not very obvious on how to authenticate unless you have an original to compare to the poster in question. It is though the posters were illegally re-printed in the mid 80s and a convincing patina wont necessarily authenticate one of these posters. There are two methods by which to authenticate.

  1. The reproduction has reddened browns and often times appears minty white.
  2. The artwork is slightly enlarged and cropped.

This original 100% guaranteed authentic insert Empire Strikes Back Star Wars movie poster is in near mint condition and has no major or minor imperfections to note.

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Condition C9. Sold For $675

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ESB Cropped Image







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