LE SAVON DIRTOFF, Original 1930s French Advertisement Poster

Le Savon Dirt Off 4885LE SAVON DIRTOFF, 1930. Original French Advertisement Poster (TBA” / TBA cm); flat and never folded. This advertisement poster features what appears to be a dark-skinned African male, washing his hands with the DirtOff product. His hands have clearly turned white and the man is exclaiming, “Le Savon Dirtoff me blanchit!” which translates to “The Dirtoff Soap Whitens Me!”. The soap was not designed for dark skinned individuals, but rather “pour mecaniciens, automobilistes, et menageres” which translates as “for mechanics , drivers and housewives”. Images like this one of African people losing skin pigmentation as a result of the cleaning process, were very common in the late 19th century. “En vente partout!” means “Sold Everywhere!” and “Nettoi Tout” means “Cleans”. This poster from a distant era indeed.

This poster is flat and has never been folded in good C8 condition. There is only minor wear along margin edges as well as some wrinkling along edges; we also noticed very minor staining in top margin towards right corner; no pin holes. Please click on image to zoom in and review poster for yourself. Overall, this poster is in excellent shape and would look great once Linen Backed – we offer this service for an additional $80 upon request and this process would render above quality imperfections nearly invisible. For more information on linen backing please click here.

Condition C8. Sold $1,200 Linen Backed

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