LOVE IN EXILE, Original Vintage Linen Backed Movie Poster

Love in Exile 4746LBLOVE IN EXILE, 1936. Original 1 Sheet (27 x 41” / 69 x 104 cm) Linen Backed Movie Poster starring Clive Brook, Helen Vinson, and Mary Carlisle; Directed by Alfred L. Werker. This British romantic comedy adventure is based on the novel “His Majesty’s Pajamas” by Gene Markey. A king suddenly abdicates his throne so the avaricious businessman can crown their own king, but his subjects believe that the reason is for the love of a foreigner. Finally, the truth is revealed about the love affair the set the whole world gossiping. “Public opinion exiled them!”

This rare stone lithograph poster was in fair original C6 condition prior to linen backing, but did have some imperfections that we remedied including color loss and wrinkling along fold lines and cross folds. Unfortunately, leftover printer ink bleeds is scattered on the poster which we were unable to remove during linen backing; for example near the top in the large hand pointing at the couple and in the text ‘Opinion’ and ‘them’; also located at bottom of poster in woman’s dress below ‘LOVE’. This ink bleed through does not affect the overall appearance and desirability of the poster in our opinion!

Condition C6. For Sale $475

On Sale 375 Linen Backed & Restored

LOVE IN EXILE, Original Vintage Linen Backed Movie Poster
LOVE IN EXILE, Original Vintage Linen Backed Movie Poster
Linen Backed 1 Sheet Poster in Good Original C6 Condition
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