PREDATOR, Original Unfolded Movie Theater Poster For Sale

The Predator

PREDATOR, 1987. Original 1 Sheet (27/40″) classic movie theater poster for sale and starring; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weather, Kevin Peter Hall, director John McTiernan and writers Jim Thomas and John Thomas. The “Governator” made his start with the glorious Terminator where his undying nick name comes from, and this classic man movie. In this author´s opinion this is the single greatest man movie ever made! It has raw muscle, man vs. beast, zero romance and guns, BIG GUNS! Each character is a character of manliness. Truly the perfect man movie for a perfect man cave!

As far as condition goes, this poster is in prime condition and near mint. There are no major or minor defects to note.

Condition C9 – Sold $195 Rolled


Sorry this poster has been sold but we have another not yet uploaded to the website. Please  <Contact Us> for pricing and details.