REVENGE OF THE JEDI, Original Dated Star Wars 1 sheet movie poster Authentication

Revenge of JediSTAR WARS: EPISODE VI – “REVENGE” RETURN OF THE JEDI, 1983. Original Rolled dated advance, teaser, recall, Re-titled, Revenge style 1 Sheet (26 7/8″x 41 1/8″) vintage Classic Sci-Fi Movie Theater Poster, Starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, writer / executive producer George Lucas and director Richard Marquand. The beautiful artwork found in this poster was done by Drew Struzan. This authenticated and guaranteed original poster has some exceptional reproductions out there that are very difficult to authenticate. We have provided below documentation that can be found elsewhere on the web and some documentation that is found exclusively here.

Revenge of the Jedi 1 sheet poster Authentication:

There are 2 styles the dated and undated version. The undated version is more rare and valuable. There are <6,800 copies of the dated versions in the world Moviepostercollector’, and time has destroyed an innumerable amount already.

A fake Revenge of the Jedi poster can be identified based on four documented  factors; #1 size (see below), #2 cloudy bottom right corner, #3 fold lines in the printing, #4 GAU logo on bottom right isn’t sharp or blue, #5 paper weight.

#1 Size

Authentic Revenge sizes: (reference: emovieposter, cinemasterpieces)

  • 26 7/8″ x 40 7/8″
  • 27″ x 41″
  • 26 3/4″ x 41″
  • 27 1/8″ x 41 1/8″
  • 26 7/8″x 41 1/8″

Known experts have said that 1/8 to 1/16th of an inch of difference outside of the  base 27/41″ is ok and is not in itself enough proof to a revenge of the Jedi poster being a forgery. Differences greater than this, should be considered fakes, reproductions or forgeries.

#5 Paper Weight

A note on paper weight. An original revenge poster has a light weight and the paper seems to be thinner than other posters from this age.

There are numerous sources of information on the internet about points #2, 3 and 4. Follow the link to Moviepostercollector’ for explanation about these other points. The paper weight is documented by our conservationist and is an observation not made on other reputable sites.

This particular rolled poster has passed through not only our hands, but the hands of professionals at emovieposter as well as, some of their most highly tuned consultants for Star Wars poster authentications. Aside from these sources verifying this original 1 sheet movie poster’s authenticity, the preceding owner bought this from the Star Wars poster fan club in the early 80s and was the only previous owner.

This poster is in very fine to near mint condition and does not have any major defects to speak of. The only minor defects are slight wear along the foldlines. This poster is a Guaranteed & Authentic movie poster. If for any reason you are not happy, full refunds are accepted (assuming there are no changes to condition).

Condition C9. Sold Linen Backed For $1075

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