SANTA FE, THE CHIEF WAY, Original Vintage American Travel Poster

SANTA FE CHIEF 4327SANTA FE: THE CHIEF WAY, 1950’s. Original Vintage American Travel Rolled Poster (18 x 24” / 59 x 79 cm); artist unknown. This poster is part of the Santa Fe Railway company and illustrates an Indian chief in full headdress whose gaze is directed at the viewer. “The Chief” is actually the name of a passenger train from 1926 that traveled from Chicago Illinois to Lose Angeles, California in only 63 hours; which is a whole 5 hours quicker than competitors of the time. Celebrities used this train to travel across the country in the train’s prime, but had to end services on May 15, 1968 due to declining passenger demand.

This poster is  in good C8 condition, originally rolled and showcasing a beautiful Indian-inspired color pallet. There is minor crinkling on a couple of the margins due to previous mishandling while rolling – please click picture to zoom in and inspect for yourself. The crinkling can be found  along the top margin with a small tear  in middle; and two more crinkling instances along the right margin towards top and bottom. This poster would look great once Linen Backed upon request.

Condition C8. Sold $350 Rolled

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