STAR WARS, Coca Cola Promotional Tie-in Movie Poster Set

Star Wars Coca Cola Poster SetStar Wars 1977.
 Original set of 4 20th Century Fox Coca Cola promotional posters measuring (18″ X 24″). This set was printed for Coca Cola advertising and includes poster #1/4 featuring Luke, poster #2/4 with C3PO, poster #3/4 with Darth Vader,, and #4/4 with Chewbaca. This promotional tie-in series was for the Burger Chef franchise (1954-1996), for Burger King, Coca Cola advertising and Japanese audiences. The artist commissioned for painting the set was Del Nichols.

There are some poster variations for the set. There is a version that has written on the bottom margin text promoting either “Burger King”, “Burger Chef”, “Japan” or simply “Coca Cola”. Additionally, some of these posters have a white border, while others fill the panel. All are considered originals and none have clearly demonstrated a higher value than another. They aren’t very rare, but to find them linen backed in near mint condition like these is perfect for a collector or enthusiast who loves the art and wants some Star Wars art on their walls fast!

These 4 rolled movies posters are being sold as a set and were all in c9 condition prior to linen backing. See at the bottom of the page for individual poster enlargements, They are in investment grade condition with no major or minor imperfections to speak of. They can be sold individually for $225 linen backed.

Condition C9. Set For Sale Linen Backed $495

STAR WARS, Coca Cola Promotional Tie-in Movie Poster Set
STAR WARS, Coca Cola Promotional Tie-in Movie Poster Set
Rolled near mint Original C9 Condition
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Star Wars Coca Cola Darth Vader

Star Wars Coca Cola C3po


Star Wars Coca Cola LukeStar Wars Coca Cola Chewbaca