TARZAN AND THE LEOPARD WOMAN, “Tarzan Y La Maujer Leopardo” Original Vintage Argentinian Movie Poster

TARZAN AND THE LEOPARD WOMAN, 1946. Original 1 Sheet (28 x 42” / 92 x 138 cm) folded “Tarzan y la Maujer Leopardo” Argentinian Movie Poster starring Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan and Brenda Joyce as Jane; Directed by Kurt Neumann. In this jungle adventure, Tarzan and boy come across a whole village killed by what looks like leopards, but discover the people were killed by a leopard cult led by a beautiful priestess who wears iron claws. Tarzan and boy are captured, but just before they are sacrificed to the feline gods, Cheetah swings in and saves the day.

This rare, folded poster is in good original C7 condition for its age. A small chips missing at center cross-fold, top center fold near margin, top left corner and slightly below on left top margin edge, and in bottom center fold near margin; wear and wrinkling along margin edges – especially on bottom margin; scattered pin holes in all 4 corners and along the margin. All above issues would be remedied nearly invisible with our linen backing process + minor restoration! This service is an additional $80 upon request or by adding the service to your cart below. This would produce a flat, backed poster that’s ready to display! Want to frame this poster as well? We also offer many varieties of framing options for our customers to choose from! We linen back and frame all of our posters IN HOUSE at our studio in Katy, TX!

Condition C7 – Sold Linen Backed For $400

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