THE BRAIN EATERS, Original Horror Insert Movie Theater Poster For Sale

Brain EaterTHE BRAIN EATERS, 1958. Original folded Horror Insert (14 x 36″) movie theater poster for sale starring; Ed Nelson, Alan Jay Factor, Cornelius Keefe, directors Bruno VeSota and writer Gordon Urquhart.  Also known as “Keepers of the Earth”, the plot line for this 50s’ vintage horror film sounds familiar. Parasites from the center of the earth have infiltrated a small town, while taking control of the authorities and  making communication with the outside world impossible! Invasion of the Body Snatchers from 1956 released 2 years earlier was riding on the wake of its success.

This particular Brain Eaters, horror insert poster that is for sale and in good condition. It does however have some serious imperfections that will need to be addressed through linen backing. These imperfections are pin holes in each of the corners and there is a 2″ tear around the center on the left side of the poster. Light touch-up would make this all but invisible. The rest of the artwork is in wonderful condition.

Condition is C6. Price $895.

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