THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, 1982 Release 30 x 40 Movie Theater Poster For Sale

Empire Strikes Back 81RRTHE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, 1980. Original 1982 NSS re-release 30 x 40 (30″ x 40″) is a rolled/unfolded movie theater poster for sale and starring; Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher director Irvin Kershner and written and produced by George Lucas. The artwork for this poster is one of the most popular to sell out of our gallery. Usually it sells in the 1 sheet version, but this 30 x 40 is a special one for collectors due to its rarity.

This particular 30 x 40 is in very fine condition but does have some scattered blemishes and a track on the right margin likely acquired during printing. This is because the line tracks from top to bottom and the color is uniform and straight. If it was damage, it would likely be less perfect. This interesting print anomaly adds to its authenticity. Outside of the blemishes there is some crumbling on the bottom margin

Condition C8 – Sold $225 Rolled


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