THE INVISIBLE MAN’S REVENGE, Original H.G. Wells Title Card Movie Theater Poster

Invisible Man's RevengeTHE INVISIBLE MAN’S REVENGE, 1944. Original H.G. Wells Title Card (11 x 14″) Universal Pictures movie theater poster for sale and starring; Jon Hall, Leon Errol, John Carradine, director Ford Beebe, original screenplay by Bertram Millhauser and based on “The Invisible Man” by famed author H.G.Wells! This was Universal’s last film in the ‘Invisible Man’ series and is part of what  is known as the “New Universal” period, which lasted between 1937-1946. Prior to this, Carl Laemmle Sr and Jr. were in control of Universal which paved the way for some of the most valuable movie posters in existence.

This particular Title Card is in fine to very fine condition, but does show some minor imperfections to note. The top margin has many pinholes and blemishes which can be plainly seen. The artwork of the poster is in otherwise fantastic condition aside from a blemish to the artwork right below the cast listing. light touch-up would conceal that utterly.

Condition C7-8. For Sale $495

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