THE THING, Original Drew Struzan Horror 1 Sheet Movie Theater Poster For Sale

The Thing

THE THING, 1982. Original Drew Struzan horror folded 1 Sheet (27″/41″) movie theater poster for sale starring; Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David, director John Carpenter and writer Bill Lancaster and John W. Campbell Jr. This is arguably one of Kurt Russel’s best from the early 80s; next to of course Escape from New York.. This poster is steadily rising in value due to the great artwork by Drew Struzan and the fact this was a truly memorable Horror film that was nominated for several awar


ds. Story goes, that Struzan was told he had to have the artwork finished 24 hours after he got the phone job. He worked all through the night and sent the still wet canvas to the production studio for printing the next day. Truly a wonderful piece of artwork by a living legend in the poster art world.

This particular original horror movie theater poster for The Thing is for sale at our gallery and is in very fine to near mint condition. Aside from some wear along the fold lines (with particularly accentuated wear on the cross folds) the poster is without notable flaws.

Condition C9 – Sold $405 Linen Backed

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