THE TINGLER, Original Vintage Vincent Price Insert Movie Poster

THE TINGLER, 1959. Original Insert (14” x 36” / 46 x 118 cm) rolled movie poster starring Vincent Price and Judith Evelyn. Directed and produced by William Castle. “Do you have the guts to sit in this chair?” “Percepto! Newest and most starting gimmick on the screen!” “Can you take it when The Tingler breaks loose?” Dr. Warren Chapin (Vincent Price) becomes obsessed with his theory that the spine-tingling sensation that humans feel when they feel fear is a result of a parasite that lives inside each of us. As fear grows, so does the creature. The only thing to keep it from killing us is our ability to scream. Dr. Chapin soon finds the perfect subject to test his theory, an unsuspecting deaf and mute woman. He uses LSD to induce intense nightmares to fuel her fears. The creature soon grows out of control without the woman’s ability to suppress the creature with screams.

The Tingler continues to be well known thanks to the theater experience gimmick, “Percepto!”. It was a vibrating device that was installed in some theater seats that was activated with coordinating onscreen action.

This rolled poster is in good C7 condition with very bright colors and no stains. There is tape, and tape residue, present near all four corners of the poster, and a small chip of paper on the bottom left corner is missing. There is one slightly noticeable crease in the center of the poster, an slight creasing along the top and bottom edges of the poster. Linen Backing is available for this poster for an additional $60 and will include removal of all the tape stains and repair of the missing chip.

Condition C7. Sold $225

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