HAGENBECK-WALLACE WILD WEST CHAMPIONS, 1936. This original circus poster measures 41″ x 27″ (135 x 89 cm) It was originally folded and is now linen backed. Erie Litho. & PTG. Co. Erie, PA. -14153-. “Trained Wild Animal” “In Thrilling Contests and Displays” This poster is a lively example of the “Wild West” shows featured in many circuses. It showcases the different acts performed in the show such as rope tricks, wild horse and bull riding, and loose historical reenactments of clashes between cowboys, Native Americans, vaqueros, and various law enforcement.

The Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus was founded in 1907 when Benjamin E. Wallace purchased the Hagenbeck Circus and combined the show with his own. There were several performers who found fame with the Hagenbeck-Wallace circus, most notably Emmett Kelly, one of America’s most famous clowns, and Clyde Beatty, a renowned animal trainer. The circus suffered many tragedies including three trainwrecks (one being one of the worst tragedies in circus history, and a flood that caused them to lose most of their equipment and many animals. After the flood, the circus was sold and exchanged several hands before it’s closing in 1938.

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This poster was in very good original C8 condition prior to linen backing. There is some staining throughout the poster, noticeably along the bottom edge, the top-left corner, and the top-right corner behind “Circus”. Some retouching has been done at the apex of the fold lines in the center of the poster. The bottom edge is roughened and missing small bits of paper, as is the top-left corner. This poster is in very good condition for its age and would be an excellent addition to any western or circus collection!

Condition C8 – SOld $600 Linen Backed

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