EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, Original Yoda in Dagobah NPR Broadcast Movie Poster For Sale

EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, 1979. Original NPR Radio Broadcast movie poster (17″ x 28″) for sale and starring: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, director Irvin Kershner and producer George Lucas. The second movie made in the Star Wars franchise is Episode V (5). This NPR broadcast poster was used for the radio drama first aired at NPR on February 14th, 1983. The brilliant artwork of Yoda makes this a highly collectible and rare piece of Star Wars memorabilia.

This second radio broadcast followed the first in 1981 for Star Wars, was written by Brian Daley, directed by John Madden and was fully authorized and approved by George Lucas. This classic Yoda artwork was done by artist Ralph McQuarrie and this poster is extremely rare and highly sought after.

This Star Wars Empire Strikes back poster is for sale and in very fine condition.

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Condition C9 Sold $910 Linen Backed

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