HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, Original Vincent Price Horror Movie Poster

HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, 1959. Original vintage folded Argentinian 1 Sheet (28 x 42” / 92 x 138 cm) movie theater poster starring Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart and Richard Long. Written and directed by William Castle the owner of a haunted house invites five guests to stay the night and pays the them $10,000 should they survive all the terrors he has in store for them. The same magnificent artwork at a fraction of the price of the US version.

In excellent folded condition with a nice toned patina that so many Argentinian posters possess. No significant issues to highlight. Given the scarcity of this poster we would strongly recommend adding the linen backing service.

Condition C9 Sold $650 Linen Backed

Sorry this poster has been sold but we have another version not yet uploaded to the website. Please  <Contact Us> for pricing and details.