JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, Original Oscar Win World War 2 Movie Theater Poster

Judgment at NurembergJUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, 1961.  Original multi Oscar winning 1 sheet (27 x 41″) world war 2 (WWII) movie theater poster for sale starring; Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Maximilian Schell, director Stanley Kramer and original story and screenplay by writer Abby Mann. This original World War 2 movie was about Nazi judges going on trial and while the film was a little depressing, it was so well written that Abby Mann was given a Oscar for best writing. Maximilian Schell also received an Oscar for best actor. The multiple awards given to this classic World War 2 film prove it was a memorable movie, the movie poster conveys darkness and sombreity of the Nazi’s war crimes and the profile of the cast leave you with a timeless capture of this brilliant cast.

This original WW2 Oscar winning movie theater poster that is for sale at our gallery is in fine condition showing only minor wear. The wear interludes some light staining on the margins a gouge on the bottom horizontal fold line and a tear on the bottom margin and bottom cross fold. There is no missing paper. This poster is in wonderful condition outside of these superficial easily repairable blemishes.

Condition C7. For Sale $325

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