OUTLAW JOSEY WALES, Original Clint Eastwood Western Movie Theater Poster For Sale

Outlaw Josey WhalesOUTLAW JOSEY WALES, 1976. Original 1 Sheet (27 x 41″) Clint Eastwood, Western movie theater poster for sale starring; Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Chief Dan George, director Clint Eastwood, writers Forrest Carter (the book) and Philip Kaufman (the screenplay). This classic western is all about vengeance with a capital “V”; as Eastwood takes a vicious retribution on the killers of his wife. Mad as hell and lookin’ it in this iconic image “an army of one”; this Clint Eastwood poster is one of the most sought after guns blazing posters out there; and who would wonder? This fantastic artwork was done by famed graphic designer Bill Gold; a.k.a. “William Gold”, who is famous for creating iconic posters for Kubrick, Hitchcock, Ridley Scott and many others. This great artists list of works is long and impressive! <Reference>

This original The Outlaw Josey Wales, original western movie theater poster that is for sale is in fine condition, but does show some wear to note. This wear is mostly focused along the bottom and central cross fold. The bottom cross fold has a pin hole sized hole in it and the most significant wear. the other cross folds and fold lines just have minor wear. This poster really is in wonderful condition!

Condition C6. Sold for $275 Linen Backed

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