OUR FIGHTERS DESERVE OUR BEST, Original World War 2 Linen Backed Propaganda Poster

OUR FIGHTERS DESERVE OUR BEST, 1943. Originally folded and now linen backed US WWII Propaganda Poster (28 x 40” / 92 x 131 cm); artist unknown. This poster features an up front and center view of some of the carnage soldiers experience on the battlefield. In the foreground, a soldier is portrayed carrying a fellow wounded comrade who is still holding onto his weapon; completely supporting his body, the brave soldier raises his M-1 Garland rifle above his head in revenge as he calls out to the viewer. In the background, an explosive blast from a shell near a tank in the midst of a heated battle. The illustration style of this poster was influenced by the style of pulp magazine covers of the time. ” Ordnance Department of U.S. Army. Keep ’em shooting!”

This linen backed poster is in very fine condition and only had normal color loss along the fold lines prior to backing. Ready to frame!

Condition C9. Sold $375 Linen Backed

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