PALE RIDER, Clint Eastwood Western Original Movie Theater Poster Towns people Hat

Pale Rider 2199Pale Rider, 1985. Original 1 Sheet (27/41″) movie poster starring Clint Eastwood and Carrie Snodgrass. “…..and hell followed him”. The movie was directed and produced by Clint Eastwood and the poster design was by C. Michale Dudash a contemporary Pennsylvanian artist well known for his western oil paintings. This version of the poster has very strange anomaly with the artwork. The town people appear on Clint’s hat, where the normal printing version of this poster has the towns people to the left of the title. <click here for the normal printing> If anyone knows the history of this printing anomaly please write to us and let us know the historical significance.

This version is far more rare than the original and is in wonderful very fine near mint condition. There are no major or minor defects to speak of.

Condition C9. Sold $175

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